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Patent Law Clinic
Student Comments  (2021-Present)

Law Student Comments on New York Law School's
Patent Law Clinic Upon Completion of the Year Long Clinic

 Law  Student Comments  (2016-2020)

Prof. Falati: "My philosophy on Teaching law is not to focus just on the theory taught in casebooks.  Students have  appreciated my deliberate focus on “practice detours” in between our case discussions in my doctrinal IP law focused classes.  I also enjoy working with a smaller group of law students to represent technology entrepreneur clients via our Patent Law Clinic (formerly via my Entrepreneurship Law Clinic).  In the past, I traveled with pairs of law students to assist client Tech. Entrepreneurs and Technology startups across upstate NY and MA, however, we mostly operate online now and have adapted to expand our reach to represent entrepreneur clients nationwide on patent law matters. My wider goal is to have students who come to study under my umbrella to develop professionally and be ready to practice IP law upon graduation. Would be a bonus if they felt comfortable enough to remain in touch with me post graduation. Many do and I consider that my foremost academic accomplishment."

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